What is an "Appointment of Enduring Guardian"?

Your Enduring Guardian is the person you appoint to make lifestyle and medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to. Nobody wants to think about this, but unfortunately, once we have lost our mental capacity, it will be too late to effect a valid nomination of an Enduring Guardian. Adults who know they are at risk of illness, or once we reach the age of 40 and over, when we are at  higher risk for strokes, and heart attacks, then existence at that time of an "Appointment of an Enduring Guardian" document will make the day to day management of your lifestyle and care a lot easier for your loved ones and carers.

Your appointed Enduring Guardian can make decisions concerning where you live, what type of care you receive, and what type of life sustaining treatment you will receive. It will be up to your Enduring Guardian to consult with your doctor about your capacity to make decisions before taking any steps on your behalf.

A certified copy of an Appointment of Enduring Guardian document will provide evidence to others of your nomination, and any wishes you had regarding your health, lifestyle and treatment you wish to receive. 

You may also wish to consider whether you wish to include a paragraph in your Appointment of Enduring Guardian document whereby you express your wish not to be placed on life-sustaining measures such as life support, assisted ventilation, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation should you be in a terminal phase of any irreversible illness or in a permanently unconscious state, in a coma or a vegetative state.

We can assist you in drafting this document, so that you can be sure that your wishes are properly documented. 

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