What is the CTTT?

The NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) is a low-cost and accessible service for the resolution of disputes between landlords, tenants, consumers and traders in NSW.

The CTTT uses alternative dispute resolution methods such as conciliation to help parties settle their disputes, by negotiating and reaching an agreement often without the need for a hearing.

CTTT hearings are designed so that parties can generally run their case without legal representation. Orders made are final and binding, and are legally enforceable.

Types of disputes resolved at the CTTT

The CTTT deals with a wide range of everyday disputes between consumers and traders and disputes about residential property.

  • Residential tenancies:  Disputes between tenants and landlords such as rental bond, repairs, rent arrears and termination of a tenancy.
  • Social housing:  Disputes between tenants and landlords relating to social housing tenancies.
  • Residential building work:  Disputes between home owners, tradespeople and insurers about residential building work.
  • Purchase and supply of goods and services:  Consumer claims about the supply of a wide variety of goods and services.
  • Motor vehicle repairs and sales:  Claims about motor vehicles purchased from a motor dealer or claims about repairs.
  • Residential parks:  Disputes between residential park residents and owners.
  • Retirement villages:  Disputes between retirement village residents and operators.
  • Strata and community schemes:  Disputes about strata scheme and community scheme living.
  • Commercial disputes:  Disputes about certain agent commissions and Travel Compensation Fund appeals.

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