Purchase and Sale of a Business

The sale of a business often involves transferring a wide variety of asset types and creating a wide range of obligations on both the purchaser and the vendor of the business. Whether you are purchasing or selling a business, you need to be informed about your legal rights and obligations to ensure that you get what you paid for or are selling what you think you are selling. 

Legal One Services staff frequently deal with the sale of businesses and are able to provide advice on all issues which these transactions raise. In order to avoid costly disputes and misunderstandings, our professional staff can draft contracts to ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties are clear as well as negotiate the terms of the sale. 

At all times, our professional staff bear in mind the relationship between the vendor and the purchaser and the importance of reaching an agreement which preserves the value and profitability of the business being purchased while delivering appropriate compensation to the vendor. 

Legal One Services can assist you by: 

  • providing advice on taxation issues relevant to a sale of a business
  • drafting a contract for the sale of a business; 
  • negotiating the terms of the sale; and 
  • identifying and advising on potential legal issues arising from the sale.

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