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Legal One Services- What’s important to you is important to us

We are a result focused boutique law firm based in Parramatta, with a team of dedicated professionals who provide tailored legal solutions to fit every budget.

Our aim in all our interactions with clients is to build strong ongoing relationships, and to fully understand your objectives and goals and tailor our advice to help you get there. Whether you require assistance in buying or selling property, establishing a business, or entering into a lease or commercial transaction, we can assist and work towards practical and effective solutions. Or if you have a matter before the Court, such as a traffic matter, debt collection, or commercial litigation, we are qualified and ready to assist.  

We take pride in the impeccable service we provide. We understand the importance of being able to reach your solicitor and receive support at your time of need. We have gone to great lengths to implement internal systems to ensure that you will have our attention when you need it. 

We are committed to maintaining and expanding our skills and knowledge, keeping up to date and current, and being innovative and progressive in our approach to legal matters, while maintaining trustworthy, traditional legal standards. 

Who we are

Legal One Services opened its doors on 2 August 2010. Since that time, our enthusiastic team of lawyers and conveyancers have worked hard to make Legal One Services a place of excellence in the provision of legal services and client experience. 

What we do

Legal One Services is a dedicated team of professionals, who provide legal services for individuals and businesses in vast areas of law, including:

Property and Conveyancing

Purchase and Sale of Business

Commercial/Retail Leases

Binding Financial Agreements

Wills and Probate

Traffic Matters, Court Appearances and Agency Work

Commercial Litigation

Debt Recovery

Our qualified members have been admitted in both the Supreme Court of New South Wales and High Court of Australia.

What we stand for

Legal One Services is a  proud member of the Law Society of New South Wales and aim to provider advice and service which is ethical and honourable. In all things, we try to implement the Statement of Ethics as proclaimed by the Council of the Law Society of New South Wales 28 May 2009: 

We acknowledge the role of our profession in serving our community in the administration of justice. We recognise that the law should protect the rights and freedoms of members of society. We understand that we are responsible to our community to observe high standards of conduct and behaviour when we perform our duties to the courts, our clients and our fellow practitioners.

Our conduct and behaviour should reflect the character we aspire to have as a profession.

This means that as individuals engaged in the profession and as a profession:

  • We primarily serve the interests of justice.
  • We act competently and diligently in the service of our clients.
  • We advance our clients' interests above our own.
  • We act confidentially and in the protection of all client information.
  • We act together for the mutual benefit of our profession.
  • We avoid any conflict of interest and duties.
  • We observe strictly our duty to the Court of which we are officers to ensure the proper and efficient administration of justice.
  • We seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings.
  • We charge fairly for our work.

Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction whilst utilising our skills and knowledge in law to optimise the greatest of results for you. Legal One Services is a cost effective solution to your legal needs.

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