Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance covers property owners for some particular losses occurring on the rental property.

If tenants damage the investment property, or stop paying rent, or if someone is injured at the rental property and the owner is found to be liable, then Landlord Insurance can come to the rescue.

Landlord Insurance is designed specifically to help protect your investment. As well as providing buildings and/or contents cover, it can provide these additional benefits:

  • Rent Default - This provides cover if your tenant stops paying rent to you, including if they leave without notice, during the term of your rental agreement.
  • Loss of rent - You're covered up to a maximum of twelve months rent if your tenant can't live at your property while it's being repaired as a result of an insured incident such as a fire or storm.
  • Theft or Malicious damage - If your rental property suffers loss or damage caused by theft, attempted theft, vandalism or a malicious act by a tenant or their guest.
  • Liability cover - You're covered if you are legally liable to pay compensation for death or bodily injury to other people or for damage to their property occurring on your rental property.
  • Legal fees - If you have made a claim for rent default, you can also claim for the legal costs of any action you take to recover rent owed to you.

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