About Insurance One - Business Insurance Brokers

Insurance One is an insurance broker, offering tailored insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. Our team of business insurance brokers assess your particular risks and exposures and recommend specific insurance products to cover those risks.

We are a business insurance broker specialising in arranging insurance for small to medium sized businesses. At Insurance One we can help with public liability insurance for property owners, transport owners and operators, event organisers, earthmovers and retail shops. Insurance One can also provide business liability insurance for, manufacturers, tradespeople, entertainers, and professional liability insurance for professional offices, and building warranty insurance for builders, and construction workers.

Insurance One is an authorised representative of Action Insurance Brokers, Principal Member of the National Insurance Brokers Association, a member of Steadfast Group Limited and an ANZIFF Corporate Supporter.

Steadfast Group Limited is Australia's largest autonomous Insurance Broker cluster Group. It is an unlisted public company comprising 268 Australian-owned AFS licensed insurance brokerages, operating from 351 offices around Australia.

Through our memberships, Insurance One has access to the latest in training and resources, enabling us to remain at the cutting edge of industry trends and new insurance markets.

Our team of business insurance brokers provide a high level, personalised service, combined with the expertise and support you would receive from a larger organisation.

Our expertise, knowledge and access to information enables us to provide you with cost-effective, valuable insurance products to give you peace of mind.